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At ZyXEL, we know how valuable time is to businesses. That's why our solutions are aimed at delivering more reliability and less downtime to keep your business productive around the clock. ZyXEL's comprehensive lineup of end-to-end networking solutions provides a truly integrated platform that works for your business. With ease of use, our products help eliminate repetitive network management tasks, save time and allow businesses to fully take advantage of an integrated network. Quality tested and performance assured, ZyXEL's wireless, security, switching and management products are a top choice for many small and medium-sized businesses. Raise the bar for your business today with ZyXEL!


ZyXEL offers a range of Unified Access Gateway Solutions that address the specific access management and deployment needs of verticals ranging from hospitality to small- and medium-sized businesses. ZyXEL's Unified Access Gateway Solutions help businesses manage network access authentication, provide secure network access to hundreds of users, and generate revenue with Internet services.

Network Management

Network management is a critical factor for businesses. Business would suffer loss of data, productivity and even reputation if sudden networking troubles strike; so they need not only the ability to monitor network status, but also quick response to solve any network problem. The ZyXEL network management solution can help business to plan and manage across LAN and Wireless LAN networks to improve productivity and simplify management.


ZyXEL switch solutions offer premium equipments with high reliability and performance by profound knowledge in telco-class equipments. The ZyXEL switch solutions have mission-oriented design and a complete product portfolio to offer the best-fit solutions for customers. The solutions meet not only SB and SMB needs, but also requirements of different vertical markets.

WLAN Aps and Controllers

Wireless LAN has become a favorable choice and proved to be a stable solution when SB/SMBs decide to deploy mobile connectivity. ZyXEL sees stability and innovative structure as the major value indicator of its offerings and thus provides businesses with scalable and feature-rich Wireless LAN solutions.