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Mist Systems believes Wireless is no longer about connectivity. It is about delivering amazing, personalized mobile experiences. Mist systems offers mobile user experiences at scale enabled by the next generation of intelligent wireless network that leverage micro services & machine learning.


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Mist is leading the convergence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE and IoT. Key to this are our enterprise-grade APs, which include the following unique features:


Best WiFi and Bluetooth® LE performance

 In addition to delivering the best Wi-Fi 802.11ac Wave 2 range and performance, Mist APs have a dynamic vBLE 16 antenna array for the industry's most accurate location services.
Data collection, analysis and enforcement

 All Mist APs have extra radios for collecting data and enforcing policies in conjunction with the Mist cloud, which is critical when doing analytics, machine learning, location services, and event correlation.
A single, enterprise-grade platform for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE, and IoT

Mist APs also have an expansion port for Internet of Things (IoT). This makes Mist APs a single, enterprise-class platform for all wireless connectivity options.



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