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Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks is a leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions that connect the unconnected - People, Places and Things. Through its extensive portfolio of reliable, scalable, and secure WiFi, fixed wireless broadband pointto-point and point-to-multipoint platforms, managed by cloudbased software, Cambium makes it possible for service providers; enterprises; governmental and military agencies; oil, gas and utility companies; Internet service providers; and public safety networks to build powerful communications networks, reach users from 200 kilometers across mountain tops down to the last meter to their devices and intelligently manage their infrastructure through endto-end network visibility and actionable analytics. Cambium Connecting the unconnceted



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epmp 2000 ePMP™ 2000
ePMP 2000 is the next generation of affordable connectivity, built from the ground up to handle interference better than ever before. Powered by innovative Hypure™ technology, ePMP 2000 features Smart Beamforming, a powerful addition to your network that creates narrow, targeted beams to each subscriber, blocking out multiple sources of interference to keep performance high and customers happy.
epmp1000 ePMP1000ePMP™
1000 Wireless service providers and enterprises need reliable, highquality broadband connectivity that can be rapidly deployed and expanded. With ePMP, no problem. Featuring 200+Mbps throughput, rock-solid point-to-multipoint and point-to-point topologies and GPS synchronization enabling industry-leading frequency reuse, all built on a reliable platform for an affordable price.
pmp450 PMP 450
The standard in wireless broadband access network connectivity, PMP 450 is renowned worldwide for reliability, reach and performance. Available in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations and product variants, as well as athe new industrial grade 450i line, PMP 450 is designed to perform with 125Mbps througout and GPS Synchronization to take your network further.
pmp 450m PMP 450m 
The PMP 450m is the first fixed wireless broadband access platform with cnMedusa™ technology that provides Massive Multi-User MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) technology in a commercially available cost-effective solution. cnMedusa Massive MU-MIMO technology delivers ground breaking spectral efficiency in a highly integrated package, while being managed from a single pane of glass in the Cloud. The PMP 450m enables network operators to rapidly provide faster Internet connections to significantly more people, places, and things.
cnreach cnReach™ 
cnReach provides affordable narrowband wireless connectivity for distribution automation, substation switch and circuit control, and SCADA telemetry. Maximize industrial IoT efficiency and minimize costs with a private IP network tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Cambium IIoT solutions integrate voice, video, email, and web traffic alongside SCADA data from RTUs, sensors, and control points, on a single all-IP network featuring centralized end-to-end administration. Narrowband wireless networks are rapidly deployable and enable utilities to connect people and things within operational range. Private wireless networks provide steadfast communications for concurrent applications and maximize connectivity while minimizing cost.


Learn about the ePMP 2000 with our video below! 

E PMP200.vid

Upcoming Trainings:

certified training

cnPilot & cnMaestro Technical Certification
July 12-13, 2017 Aurora, IL Click to register. 


certified training

cnPilot & cnMaestro 1 Day Technical Certification
Oct 9, 2017 - WISPAPALOOZA Click to Register. 




cnPilot Indoor, Outdoor, and Residential & Small Business offer cloud-managed, dual-band 802.11ac enterprise grade WiFi with a rich set of features and high performance. With cnMaestro™ cloud management and integration with ePMP and PMP 450 access layer solutions, managing your whole network and bringing WiFi where you need it has never been easier.
ePMP 1000 Enterprise Hotspot ePMP™ 1000 Enterprise Hotspot: 
Enterprise-class WiFi hotspot features in an existing, reliable hardware platform. Connect to either wired or wireless backhaul solutions. Offers end-to-end management with cnMaestro™ cloud-management solutions.
cnPilot Enterprise Outdoor cnPilot Enterprise Outdoor:
An 802.11ac dual-based enterprise-grade WiFi outdoor wireless network access point that offers simplified end-to-end management, allowing service providers to monetize public WiFi.
cnPilot Home & Small Business cnPilot™ Home & Small Business:
A suite of 802.11ac and 802.11n wireless home network access points supported by cnMaestro to provide end-to-end lifecycle administration.
cnPilot Enterprise Indoor cnPilot Enterprise Indoor:
An 802.11ac dual-band enterprise WiFi access point offering a rich set of features targeted for small- and medium-sized business.



PTP 450

PTP 450
The Cambium Networks PTP 450 platform delivers reliable, secure point-to-multipoint capacity in a variety of frequency bands. The 450 platform is optimized for rate, reach, reliability and throughput in a compact form factor, making it ideal for point-to-multipoint enterprise access, video surveillance and backup connection service.


ptp 820 PTP 820
PTP 820 is a point-to-point licensed microwave backhaul platform that integrates leading networking technology with the industry's most advanced microwave technologies, creating a superior network solution. Operating from 6 to 38 GHz with up to 80 MHz channel width, delivering multi-gigabit capacity with SyncE and IEEE 1588v2 timing support.
PTP 650

PTP 650
When it absolutely has to work, whether its connecting an emergency response vehicle back to base or your access network to the Internet, you need the legendary reliability of the PTP series. With Dynamic Spectrum Optimization, hitless adaptive modulation and industry-leading spectral efficiency and reliability, PTP 650 is the trusted choice of network operators worldwide.


ptp 700

PTP 700
The PTP 700 breaks new ground in mission flexibility and overall project sustainability. Whether deploying in first-responder tactical situations, over water to oil platforms, in urban canyons to video cameras and hot-spots, or along remote stretches of national borders for defense and situational awareness, the requirements for high-speed connectivity intersect with constraints on available spectrum, line of sight and non-line of sight topologies, IT/Enterprise integration, cyber-security threat prevention, and harsh environmental conditions. The dynamic nature and complexity of these missions requires flexibility from systems that allow spectrum managers, network operators and implementation managers to negotiate changing program landscapes while staying within budgetary parameters.


epmp 1000 ptp

ePMP™ 1000 PTP
The ePMP platform provides stable coverage across large service areas and enhances your existing infrastructure. ePMP backhaul solutions provide low-latency, interference-tolerant, highthroughput options at very competitive prices. Supporting various channel bandwidths, ePMP suits a wide range of performance needs for different applications. GPS-synchronized options allow more efficient use of spectrum by allowing synchronization of not only multiple backhaul links, but also a single backhaul to an ePMP Access Network. ePMP backhaul products are offered in the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands with numerous configuration options, from simple integrated solutions to higher gain dish options.


Software Tools


cnMaestro is a cloud-based or on-site platform specialized for secure, end-to-end network lifecycle management: inventory management, device onboarding, daily operations, and maintenance. The cnMaestro wireless network manager simplifies device management by offering full network visibility. Network operators can have a real-time view of their complete end-to-end network and perform a full suite of wireless network management functions to optimize system availability, maximize throughput, and meet emerging needs of business and residential customers. In addition, the cnMaestro wireless network manager collects and displays compliance with service level agreements.


Quickly design networks for optimal deployment and cost effectiveness with ease. LINKPlanner allows you to model "what if" scenarios - based on geography, distance, antenna height, transmit power, and other factors - to optimize system performance before purchase.

Available for Microsoft® Windows® and Mac® systems, LINKPlanner is a free, userfriendly link-design tool. LINKPlanner leads the industry as the most trusted and intuitive RF link planning tool, with tens of thousands of links deployed successfully worldwide.











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09 May - cnPilot Solutuions

16 May - cnReach Management with cnMaestro

18 May - PTP 820 Overview and New Features

25 May - ROI on Home WiFi

30 May - Hospitality Wireless Broadband Field Experiences