The purpose of the WAV® Site Survey is to determine the number of access points, antenna types and locations to achieve seamless wireless coverage. The site survey will also determine any antenna cabling requirements and mounting accessories.

The information gathered during the site survey will be used to generate a site survey report. The report will include the following information:

   •Contact information
   •Facility information that may affect the wireless network
   •Access point and antenna location information
   •Installation guidelines per access point and/or antenna location.
   •Equipment list
   •Access point location diagram, including coverage patterns per antenna location

To request a WAV site survey, fill out our Site Survey application and fax it to 630.818.4452

A WAV® Wireless LAN Installation will include the following services:

   •Physical mounting of access points
   •Installation of NEMA enclosures (optional)
   •Physical mounting of antennas
   •Connection of antennas to access points
   •Connection of backbone LAN to access points
   •Connection of power to access points
   •Installation and connection of remote power system or Power over Ethernet injector
   •Configuration of access points to Include:
   •Proper firmware level
   •Radio Configuration (system ID, channel, data rate, security)
   •IP Configuration (provided by customer)
   •Verification of coverage
   •Verification of backbone connectivity:
   •Ping access points
   •Ping network

All local area cabling must be terminated and ready for connection by the RF installer. The installation will be done using the guidelines specified in the site survey report.

An installation report will be generated with the following information:

   •Contact Information
   •Installation pictures of access points, antennas and data closet
   •IP and radio configuration